Newton Adventure Mods

Mods add new levels and gameplays to the Newton Adventure free base game. They are available as free priced packs!

Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1

Buy Newton Adventure Mod Pack 1, pay what you want!



The Deluxe mod add 3 special quests with new gameplay element:

  • Bomb falling and rolling: they are dangerous, but using their explosion is the only way to get out.
  • Complex color puzzle: the player and the key can change color: for example a blue object can pass thourgh blue barrier, but is vulnerable to red trap and cannot make green blocking platform disappear.
  • Accelerators: when object pass through them, they add force to the current movement, making it easy to go fast into dangerous zones.


With a neon graphic style, the Retro mod change gameplay: the goal is know to collect euro coins within very limited time in 18 new challenging levels.

Other mods

Du Châtelet Adventure

This mod allow to play a new character inspired by Emilie Du Châtelet.

Linux MacosX and other OS Download cross platform installer

Bald Adventure

This mod allow to play with a bald character.

Linux MacosX and other OS Télécharger l'installeur multiplateforme